February 6, 2016

GOP women, leaders in Charleston for election kick-off

A group of Republican women, including about 225 GOP national leaders, are getting together in Charleston to plan for this November’s elections. Friday and Saturday, the National Federation of Republican Women have a board meeting and President Sue Lynch says it’s time to rally their leaders.

I worked on the “Hill” and I can tell you that how committee assignments, leadership are determined are the “R’s” and the “D’s,” period. So, if there are more “R’s” in the Congress and in the Senate, we will gain committee chairs and have the opportunity to put through our agenda rather than the liberal tax and spend agenda that is going on right now in Washington that’s killing us.

The meeting will take place in North Charleston. Among attendance are some prominent South Carolina GOP leaders: Senator Jim DeMint, House Speaker Bobby Harrell, and GOP Chairman Karen Floyd. So, why Charleston?

We actually move our fall meeting around the United States, so when it came time to select a location, Charleston actually bid on one of our national conventions and they didn’t get it. So, what I did is I looked at possibly bringing a fall board meetings here and that’s what brought us to the area. However, I’m so glad that we are here because of the Nikki Haley race.

If elected, Nikki Haley would become South Carolina’s first female governor. Lynch says that’s big.

She’s one of us. That’s so important in this election cycle that we are seeing as I travel across the United States is that there are many of our Republican women who are a part of our membership. We have an excessive 70,000 women across the United States and over 1,400 clubs, and it gives me great pleasure to support a great candidate like Nikki Haley.

Lynch says she is confident that Haley will win the November election against Democrat Vincent Sheheen.The National Federation of Republican Women is the largest women’s political organization in the country.

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