February 6, 2016

Haley: “We’ve got a lot to prove” (AUDIO)

With former South Carolina House Speaker David Wilkins on board as transition team chairman, Governor-elect Nikki Haley says it is time to hit the ground running to formulate a cabinet that will help move South Carolina forward through some tumultuous times.

Haley says with the  state budget facing a billion dollar shortfall and 11 percent unemployment, she is looking for talented, innovative thinkers to manage state agencies. Haley says on the first day after her election, her office received hundreds of resumes from people who want to lend their talents to her administration.

Haley says members of her cabinet will have to understand that they are not a group of individuals, but a team entrusted with moving the state forward.

Haley is out to prove to naysayers that she can work effectively with state lawmakers and that her governorship will not be a repeat of the strained relationship with the General Assembly that characterized the administration of her political mentor outgoing GOP Governor Mark Sanford. Haley says it’s all about keeping the lines of communication open with all facets of state government and with state citizens.

AUDIO: Governor-elect Haley wants energy and teamwork in her administration 1:00

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