February 14, 2016

Joe Taylor: “It’s Mark Sanford who changed commerce in SC” (AUDIO)

At his final cabinet meeting,  Gov. Mark Sanford  bagan his tribute to outgoing state Commerce Secretary Joe Taylor by saying: “Probably the most personal of the roles is that of governor and secretary of commerce, simply because part of the role of governor is number two sales guy for the state behind secretary of commerce. And so on specific trips you’ll be traveling together, so there’s a personal component.”

Sanfords travels with Joe Taylor have landed some of the largest and most strategic economic developments in the state’s history.  The day after his successor was announced, the governor have Joe Taylor an opportunity to recap his accomplishments in office and to say his thanks to fellow cabinet members.

Taylor, in turn  credits Sanford with focusing more resources and emphasis on the commerce department:

The greatest salesperson I know is Mark  Sanford because he talked me into taking this job. I think we all ought to be reminded…it’s why I came on board.  The governor called me up. I had just retired, sold my company and (he) said the commerce secretary’s position in the state of South Carolina should be a full-time job, that it’s that important and I agreed with him. So as you look forward, people need to know that it’s Mark Sanford that changed it.

AUDIO: Taylor speech to cabinet (13:07)

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