February 7, 2016

Congressman Wilson: Turbulent time to be in Washington (AUDIO)

It’s a tough and turbulent time to be in Washington, says senior South Carolina Republican Congressman Joe Wilson.

Rep. Joe Wilson is back in his district this week

From bombing in Libya, an addition to the military health care system, budget impasses and constituent concerns about nuclear power plant in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake– these are all issues that Wilson feels very strongly about.

SCRN’s Ashley Byrd spoke with Wilson Monday morning on these and other topics considered hot on Capitol Hill.

On the weekend’s military action in Libya, Wilson says President Obama is now “over his head.”  He calls the new “Military Health Care Czar” a “make-work position” for an out-of-work governor. He also defends the role of nuclear power plants in South Carolina’s future.

AUDIO: Wilson on hot-button issues in Congress (9:23)

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