February 13, 2016

Bauer calls for some entitlement changes

On the national front, the GOP is fighting a brewing political headwind as polls indicate voters are against an overhaul of Medicare, which is a major feature of House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s plan to significantly cut the national deficit.

Now working in real estate, former South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer remains an interested observer of politics on the state and national scene. In a recent interview with Greenwood affiliate WLMA, Bauer said he agrees that significant changes must be made to entitlement programs, including Social Security.

We ought to raise the age of Social Security (eligibility). People are living longer than ever before. Why shouldn’t we raise it? When it was created the lifespan was much shorter. The lifespan is more than 20 years longer now than when it was created, but yet we can’t raise it two years now!

Tuesday in a New York special election, Democrats captured a congressional seat that Republicans had held for decades in a contest that political observers say was fought in large part over the Medicare proposal. Despite the loss, many Republicans remain steadfast in their support of Ryan’s plan.

Anne Eller of Greenwood affiliate WLMA contributed to this report

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