February 8, 2016

Bachmann signs cut, cap, balance pledge—with edits

Bachmann signs pledge in Columbia Monday

When Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann announced she would sign the Sen. Jim DeMint-backed “Cut, Cap and Balance pledge,”  it seemed she backed down without much of a fight, after pledging that her own agenda was even tougher. 

The Minnesota Congresswoman told Radio Iowa this weekend that “the repeal of ObamaCare is absolutely essential.”   Read O.K. Henderson’s blog

Ahead of a House vote on a bill that would include the requirements of the “CCB” pledge (as it’s being called by supporters), Bachmann attached her signature during a media appearance in Columbia Monday. However, she amended the pledge to something more like, “Cut, Cap, Balance and Defund” (“Obamacare”, that is).

Bachmann called the healthcare reform law the “largest spending and entitlement program in the history of the United States of America.”

She said she had not been pressured into signing the pledge, which is gaining popularity among the conservative members of Congress. “I felt absolutely no pressure to sign,” she told reporters Monday.

She also continued to reiterate that support for the “CCB” pledge does not mean she would vote for an increase in the debt ceiling. She breaks with DeMint and other South Carolina Republicans in this regard. They agree with President Obama that raising the ceiling is necessary, they just want significant spending cuts to go with it.

Bachmann said she did not originally sign the pledge because it did not go far enough. She said the edited version stays true to her principles, “I believe in actually reading the bills before we pass them. So, I read the bill, I talked this over, I thought about it quite a bit, and I agreed that Jim (DeMint) is exactly right. We need a fundamental restructuring in the way Washington spends our money.”

She said she last spoke with DeMint last week, although she did not remember exactly when.

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