February 13, 2016

Herman Cain SC HQ opens with small staff, big plans

Cain's new book has climbed to Amazon's top 10

After some refreshments (from Domino’s Pizza), an endorsement (from Rock Hill Rep. Ralph Norman) a brief taped video message (from the candidate himself), the Herman Cain SC headquarters is open for business. Cain, a former retail food executive, has been a frequent visitor to the first-in-the South primary state, but new momentum and a surge in campaign donations has prompted him to set up shop in Columbia.

That and a new book, now in the Amazon top 10.

Cain has jumped in the polls and new state campaign director William Head, the only paid staffer right now, says, “Everything is coming so fast, the campaign is working to stay ahead of it. We’re not trying to reach out and grab people into the campaign, they’re coming to us and we’re working to keep up with them.”

One of those is Orangeburg Party leader Roy Lindsey, a county executive committeeman, “What he says will actually work, instead of the plastic, generic answers to everything, he offers nuts and bolts. I really like him.”

Cain staff, volunteers set up shop in West Columbia

Lindsey says he prefers Cain to the other two ahead of him, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

He says, “The biggest thing I have against them is that they are politicians.” He adds,” I think establishment politicians have gotten us into the shape we are in now.”

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