February 7, 2016

CWP instructor arrested in Lexington

State police said they have arrested a Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) instructor, accusing him of lying about the amount of weapons training his students had received.

The State Law Enforcement Division says it has charged 45-year-old Roland Ray Hill with perjury and subornation of perjury. Hill is listed as the owner of Defender Shooting Sports in Lexington. SLED officials say an undercover officer attended Hill’s CWP training class on February 19 and found that nine students in the class did not meet the necessary requirements to receive a CWP.

CWP training courses are required, by law, to be at least eight hours long. It must include a classroom session and handgun firing for certification. The SLED warrant accuses Hill of only offering four hours of instruction.

Hill was certified as a CWP instructor in 2008. Previously, he served in the Lexington Police Department and the Batesburg-Leesville Police.

SLED officials say any students who took Hill’s course and only received four hours of instruction could also be charged with perjury if they applied for a CWP without taking the full eight hours required.

Law enforcement officials said they launched an investigation after receiving several complaints that Hill was only teaching a four-hour CWP class.

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