February 12, 2016

Governor’s Office announces new policy on saving emails

Governor Nikki Haley announced Wednesday that she has agreed to preserve records including her and her staff’s emails under the new updated records retention policy.

Gov. Nikki Haley's office announced the new policy Wednesday (File)

The Governor’s Office finalized the new policy with the state Department of Archives and History (DAH).  It is the first time that the Governor’s Office has clarified open records policies in 40 years.

This policy comes into effect after it was revealed last year that Haley’s office consistently deleted emails, as no policy was previously in place. Now, any documents sent by email in the Governor’s Office that are considered of long-term and enduring value as required by law and defined by DAH will be required to be preserved for the view of the public.

“When we took office, we adopted the same policy that has been used by previous administrations, but, even as we preserved thousands of records and correspondence, we found room to strengthen the policy,” says Governor Nikki Haley.

The office has also asked DAH to provide additional guidance and clarification to all public agencies regarding e-mail retention.

South Carolina Radio Network’s Tripp Girardeau contributed to this report.

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