February 12, 2016

Senate passes tougher penalties for vehicular homicide

Knotts says constituent prompted bill

A bill passed the state Senate that sets up stiffer penalties for vehiculer homicide. Sen. Jake Knotts (R-Lexington), says there should be a more serious fine someone if breaks traffic laws and it causes someone’s death.

“A fine that allows it to go to the solicitor, and the solicitor can charge them at least $1000 or 30 days in jail or he can apply him to pretrial intervention where he can be put into a program to help him or her understand safety on the highway,” says Knotts.

Sen. Knotts says the death of a constituent’s son inspired the bill.  The driver got an $87 fine.

“His son’s life is worth more than $87 dollars…we need to protect that motorist from people who don’t respect the rules of the road,” he says.

The bill goes to the House.  Both the House and Senate are on break this week.


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