February 8, 2016

Governor preps for upcoming hurricane season

Governor Nikki Haley had a hurricane briefing with state emergency officials Monday as she evaluates the state’s hurricane preparations in terms of what the state needs to do.

Gov. Nikki Haley (File)

Haley said that the cabinet agencies are testing out different scenarios to determine what is best and most affordable for the state.

“What I asked the agencies to do is go back and see how they would be affected,” Haley told reporters Monday, “What is the cost? Would that cost be refunded back by the Feds if we go and put that in place? You will see us have a table top that goes through the entire scenario.”

Last year, Haley wanted to see in real-time how the state would handle a hurricane. This year, she said she wants to do it again with the new scenarios in place.

“What we are seeing is larger storm surges. What we are seeing is more people affected. What we are seeing is no increased infrastructure to deal with the heavy population,” said Haley. “So we are having to go back and review the timelines and how we would handle that as it goes forward.”

According the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane season in the Atlantic begins June 1 and ends November 30.

South Carolina Radio Network’s Tripp Girardeau contributed to this report.

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