February 13, 2016

Senate reacts to candidates being kicked off of June ballot (AUDIO)

While state and local parties try to sort out how to salvage hundreds of candidates for the June primary, state Senators have had mixed reactions.  The state Supreme Court yesterday ruled that candidates who did not file an economic statement correctly are now disqualified. 

The political parties and State Election Commission, defendants in the case, requested a clarification so that they could determine who remains on the ballot. This afternoon, the court released that clarification. The court refused however, to rehear the case.

Some of the more vocal Senators took the podium today, with an assortment of opinions;

Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) filed legislation to try to remedy the situation by giving candidates another chance to file.  Sen. Larry Martin, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, shot down that idea.

AUDIO: Martin says there is little time and too many legal issues to consider (3:06)

Martin’s primary opponent may be disqualified. 

Retiring Sen. Greg Ryberg (R-Aiken) had harsh words for his colleagues, aiming much of that at Lexington County, where the lawsuit originated.  AUDIO:  Ryberg says the Senate has two sets of rules (5:00)

AUDIO: Sen. Jake Knotts (R-Lexington) responded, asking why 1,200 candidates filed correctly (:35)

The court has imposed a deadline of noon Friday for parties to give the SC Election Commission a list of eligible candidates.

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