December 1, 2015

Sheriff: Teen killed while trying to rob drug dealer

Three men have been arrested in the investigation of a 14-year-old Orangeburg teen that was shot to death.

In a press conference Tuesday, Orangeburg County Sheriff Leroy Ravenell said investigators have determined that the unexplained murder scene was actually a drug deal gone wrong.

Ravenell said an officer said she was flagged down by brothers Jerrell Richardson and John Riley, who told her that their friend Terek Wright had been shot. They said they were walking from a gas station when a white car started following them. They then claimed that someone in the white car had shot Wright and sped off.

Investigators that arrived on the scene said they found Richardson’s and Riley’s story didn’t match the evidence.

“We found that they had in fact conspired all day to rob a drug dealer,” Ravenell said. “They made contact with him and set up a meeting in that area, and the deal went bad.”

Richardson and Riley were arrested after they changed their story when investigators determined their initial statements to be false. They admitted that they and the victim had planned to rob the drug dealer, Calvin Busby. Busby was also arrested later for possession of narcotics.

Ravenell said now the goal is find out exactly what happened and determine who fatally shot the teen. He ended the conference by telling parents they need to be aware of their kid’s whereabouts during the day to keep accidents like this from happening.

South Carolina Radio Network’s Tripp Girardeau contributed to this report.

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