February 11, 2016

Richland County Sheriff gets tased as part of charity auction

For $2,000, one person was able to “taze” Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott (File)

Lott agreed to be shocked by a police Taser Monday to benefit one of his deputies who is suffering from cancer. A charity auction winner paid the winning bid of two grand to “taze” the sheriff for two seconds. Lott said the money was a small part of the $25,000 raised from both the auction and a golf tournament at the Woodlands Golf Club outside Columbia.

Lott said he came up with the idea of being tazed to raise money for Deputy Mark Ryan, a single father of three who has been fighting cancer for 18 months. Lott agreed to be shocked one second for each thousand dollars. Since the winning bid was $2,000, he was tazed for two seconds.

“I’ve been asked a thousand times, ‘Why are enduring this pain?’ I told them that Mark Ryan’s in pain every single day in a battle for his life,” Lott said afterwards, “For me to be in pain for two seconds and raise $2,000 to help him out was well worth it.”

He said much of the money will go towards Ryan’s medical bills, home repairs, and school supplies for the deputy’s three daughters. The remainder went to the Sheriff’s foundation, which helps buy equipment like bulletproof vests and walkie-talkies.

Matt Long contributed to this report

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