February 13, 2016

What does the election mean? SC politicos break it all down (AUDIO)

Our panel: Sellers, Felkel and Drury in South Carolina Radio Network studios

Part 1 of 4

Now that the votes are in and the election is settled, what does this all mean for South Carolina going forward?

South Carolina Radio Network invited some of the state’s most outspoken politicos to speak up. 

News Director Ashley Byrd hosted a discussion with state Rep. Bakari Sellers of Denmark, a rising star in the state and national Democratic Party; GOP strategist Chip Felkel of Greenville, CEO of the RAP index; and Shawn Drury, political editor of South Carolina Patch, a statewide group of social media reporters.

In the first of four segments, the panel reacts to the reelection of the president, the direction of the nation and what the state must do to work with the federal government.

AUDIO: After-party panel,  part 1 (17:00)

Wednesday, look for part two: What are the party “brands” in South Carolina and and do they need to change?

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