February 12, 2016

Gov. Haley: S.C. will not set up a state-based health care exchange

Gov. Nikki Haley today sent ahead of tomorrow’s deadline for states to decide if they intend to participate in the health exchange program created by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

In the letter, Haley wrote that South Carolina “should not and will not set up a state-based health care exchange.”

“The federal government is required to establish exchanges and gave individual states the choice to participate. Yet, as we worked through the process of analyzing options available to South Carolina, it became abundantly clear that state ‘participation’ was in name only,” she wrote.  “Instead, they simply pass along to the state the burdens of a new and cumbersome bureaucracy.”

The governor also urged federal officials to provide all states with clear guidance on how state-based, partnership, and federally-facilitated exchanges will work or to delay the implementation deadline.

“The amount of uncertainty in our economy is growing given the lack of information available from the federal government at a time when we can hardly afford it,” the governor wrote.

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