February 7, 2016

Michelin expands once again at Anderson County plant

Michelin is working toward its promise of investing more than a $1 billion in South Carolina.

The tire maker has announced that it is spending $200 million to expand its rubber production plant in the Anderson County town of Starr, adding 100 new jobs.

The news is Michelin’s second announced expansion in less than a year. In April, the company said it would invest $750 million in facilities in Anderson and Lexington counties, creating about 500 jobs.

Selleck at the first expansion announcement. (file)

Selleck at the first expansion announcement. (file)

Chairman and President of Michelin North America Pete Selleck says the Starr plant is one of two Michelin semi-finished rubber production plants in Anderson County. One of the largest rubber-producing plants in the world is only a few miles away in Sandy Springs.

“This expansion is a significant one in the world of Michelin manufacturing. In fact when operations begin this facility will be the third largest rubber producing facility in the Michelin world,” says Selleck.

More than a third of Michelin’s 22,000 North American employees work in South Carolina.

The company has begun hiring maintenance technicians already, and will begin hiring production workers in the coming months. The expansion is expected to be operation in 2014.

SCRN’s Tripp Girardeau contributed to this article.

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