February 6, 2016

Boeing employee dies from injuries suffered in fall

A Boeing South Carolina employee has died from injuries he suffered from a fall eleven days ago.

Visitors tour the inside of Boeing's final assembly facility shortly before it opened in 2011

Visitors tour the inside of Boeing’s final assembly facility shortly before it opened in 2011

Boeing confirmed the employee’s death in a statement Friday. While the company did not give his name, the Charleston County Coroner’s Office identified him as 38-year-old David Priester. The coroner’s office said Priester died from brain injuries he sustained after falling from a mobile platform at the company’s Composite Fabrication Facility in North Charleston. That incident occurred shortly after 11 pm on March 18.

Boeing said Priester had been with them since last summer and had completed the required training for the job. The company said it is providing counselors to help his co-workers. It says it is still conducting an investigation into what happened.

Boeing statement:

A Boeing South Carolina teammate was injured during an industrial accident in the Composite Fabrication area of the Aft Body building on Monday, March 18, and died on March 29. This is obviously a very difficult and tragic incident, and we are deeply saddened at the loss of our teammate.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to his family and many friends. Boeing has been working with the family to provide support and assistance since the accident occurred. Out of respect for the family’s wishes, Boeing has chosen not to release the teammate’s name publicly.

Boeing is providing counselors and the support of our Employee Assistance Program to help co-workers cope with the loss, while also meeting with teammates to discuss the accident and further emphasize workplace safety.

The safety and well being of our teammates is a top priority at Boeing. In keeping with our comprehensive safety plan and internal processes, we are conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the incident and will take immediate action on any corrective actions that are required.

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