October 6, 2015

Byrd’s Eye Blog: Bible study at the Statehouse (VIDEO AND AUDIO)

From blog by Ashley Byrd, news director

At the Statehouse this week, the Constitution, Civil War politician James Petigru and the Bible were quoted during hearings on a bill to nullify (disregard) the federal healthcare law dubbed Obamacare. In three hearings around the state, the public made their cases for or against H.3101, which has passed the House and is close to debate on the Senate floor.

In this case, two takes on the same Bible scripture between Sue Burbach and Senator Kevin Johnson (D-Clarendon).

It’s common to hear scriptures or God evoked in political debate at the Statehouse.One of my favorites is when Rep. Ken Kennedy (D-Greeleyville) exasperated with his petulant colleagues, called on the House chaplain “Pastor please! Pray for these people!” LISTEN TO AUDIO

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