November 29, 2015

Bob Jones University president resigns from post, citing health issues

Stephen Jones resigns as head of Bob Jones University.

Stephen Jones resigns as head of Bob Jones University.

Bob Jones University issued a statement Friday saying its president Dr. Stephen Jones submitted his resignation to the school’s board of trustees.

According to the statement, Jones will serve until end of commencement on May 9, 2014.

“The persistence of my health issues over the last three years is preventing me from providing the leadership the University needs at this time and prompted my personal decision to resign. The BJU mission is more important than I. Serving the BJU family for over eight years has been one of the great gifts of God to my wife and me, and I am looking forward to serving here in whatever new role God has for me,” Jones said in the statement.

Jones is the great-grandson of the school’s founder and namesake Bob Jones, Sr.

According to the school’s release, the Board of Trustees will immediately establish a search committee, consistent with the Christian university’s by-laws.

“The Board of Trustees is completely committed to the historic position and mission of Bob Jones University and to maintaining the University’s firm stand on the absolute authority of Scripture,” Bob Jones University Board of Trustees Chairman Larry Jackson said in a statement. “The Board will seek a new president equally committed to our mission and biblical position.”

Bob Jones is a private nondenominational Protestant university of about 3,000 students located in Greenville.

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