February 5, 2016

Proposed bill would allow child support payers to work while they owe

Sen. Darrell Jackson

Sen. Darrell Jackson

A person delinquent on child support payments may be able to avoid jail time and stay employed under a bill pre-filed by Richland County Sen. Darrell Jackson.

Under the measure, a person sentenced to 90 days or fewer for not meeting child support obligations can remain on the job and serve time during non-working hours. Jackson says the law would provide for wage garnishment to satisfy child support payments.

“This gives someone an opportunity to serve their time during weekends, after work, and they can continue their job. As it is now, people would have to go and be in jail 60 to 90 days and most jobs are not going to allow you to keep those jobs for that.”

Jackson says it makes good sense to keep the person who owes child support employed and earning a paycheck. He cites the example of a man who may have a family and owes support for a child from a previous relationship.

“If he goes to jail, he would lose his job. If he loses his job, not only can he not pay child support, but he also can’t support his family. This has always been something that is concerning to me.”

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