February 12, 2016

SC now has inventory of state-owned buildings and land for first time

Bull Street property

Image: SC Dept. of Mental Health

For the first time, the state of South Carolina now has a complete inventory of all the buildings and land that it owns.

Gov. Nikki Haley issued an executive order last October that required all state agencies to compile the list. The new inventory released this week shows the state owns over 7,800 buildings and more than 2,500 pieces of land.

Earlier this week, Gov. Haley said the list will help her administration decide what to do with real estate South Carolina owns. “We need to look and see how much of that we need to get rid of, how much of that we can consolidate,” Haley said after a Monday press avilability. “What do we have that the taxpayers are paying for that’s not even being used?”

WSPA-TV reported the list has been a long time coming — previous Gov. Mark Sanford had tried to create the inventory as far back as 2003. The state Division of General Services will keep the overall lists on its website.

State officials say the list will now help them determine which properties are in use, partially-occupied, or are considered surplus. “We didn’t know what we owned,” State Treasurer Curtis Loftis told South Carolina Radio Network. “And every good landlord’s got to know what you own.”

The list does not include how much the buildings or land are worth.

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