September 1, 2015

SLED: More than 100 CWP permits blocked with new gun purchase law

State agents say 136 people have been stopped from buying guns in South Carolina under a new law that took effect last year.

WCIV in Charleston reported last week that State Law Enforcement Division chief Mark Keel wrote in a letter those individuals had been deemed mentally incompetent to own a gun. In 2013, legislators required probate judges to submit those judicial orders to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. While it was already illegal for those individuals to own a handgun, South Carolina had not previously been submitting the information to the FBI until last year.

The State Law Enforcement Division also said its agents have revoked 132 concealed weapons permits from CWP carriers who were ineligible to carry them under the law. SLED also revoked 29 applications, the letter stated.

The law passed after a Beaufort County woman named Alice Boland brought her handgun to a Charleston school in February  and tried to shoot an administrator. The gun misfired and no one was hurt, but investigators later learned Boland had been banned from owning a gun after a judge previously ruled her mentally incompetent. However, state law at the time did not require the information be included in the federal database, meaning the business which sold the gun to Boland did not realize she was barred from owning one.

More than 48,000 records have been submitted to the FBI so far, according to the Charleston Post & Courier.

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