According to AAA Carolinas, South Carolina’s average price for a gallon of gas is $2.29 — 28 cents more than this time last year ($2.01) and six cents more from than one week ago ($2.23).

AAA Carolinas spokeswoman Tiffany Wright said demand is not typical for what’s expected this time of year.

“What we didn’t anticipate, in October was that we’d have such an unseasonably warm October, ” she said. “So what we had was motorists filling up their tanks instead of spending time indoors. So we saw an uptick at the pump. Our supplies tightened and it’s actually continued into November.

The national average is $2.56 per gallon, AAA said.

Wright said when gas prices go up, as they did more than 50 cents in South Carolina ahead of Hurricane Harvey in September, it takes much longer for them to return to their original level.

“A lot of folks thought, as quickly as prices would go up, that they would come down and that just wasn’t the case,” she said. “They started to trickle down very slowly after Harvey and after we got to our normal levels and all refineries were up.”

Wright anticipates prices will remain higher than normal going into the holiday travel season. AAA estimates a record number of drivers on the road for Thanksgiving.

“We still do have some of the lowest gas prices in the country,” she noted.